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news :- Why We Declared Holiday For President Buhari – Kogi Government

As condemnation continued to trail the
public holiday declared by the Kogi state
government over the return of President
Muhammadu Buhari, the government said
the holiday was to celebrate the coming
back of Mr President alive.

The director general, media and publicity
to the governor, Kingsley Fanwo, said the
holiday also afforded the people of the
state the opportunity to pray and fast for
the progress of Nigeria and for Buhari to
keep waxing stronger for the task ahead.

This is just as the Igala Consultative Forum
on Monday condemned the decision of the
Kogi state governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello, to
declare a public holiday over the return of
Buhari from medical vacation.

The national secretary of the forum, Sam
Ugbede, said it was surprised at the action
ofthe governor.

He said, “The ill health of our president
was of great concern to all Nigerians, and
across all religions, and we all remained
eternally grateful to God for answering our
collective prayer, by granting our leader
with abundant health, the Buhari we saw,
we are all happy but our surprise is the
declaration of public holiday by the
government of Kogi state suddenly, what is
it for?”

“He came back during the weekend, which
is traditional public rest period, why
extending it to Monday again? When
Monday’s are usually busy day, we did not
see any reason or meaning for such

“The lacuna this unthinkable decision is
enough to cost Kogi economy colossal
amount and lives of innocent patient who
are scheduled for various medical services

“There is no how this accidental holiday
will not cost someone somewhere in Kogi
his or herlife, don’t be surprise that more
lives could go.”

“We view this decision of the Kogi
governor as immaturity of the highest
order and uncalled for!

”Buhari was on sick holiday for about 104
days, more than same period our Kogi was
on holiday as the government under this
man was brought to a halt, the activities of
Kogi inparticular has been grounded for
almost 18 months now, because since the
beginning of this administration of Bello,
nothing seems to be working.

“As we are talking, our citadel of learning
are under lock and key, the civil service is
in disarray, our economy is the state of
decadence paralysis, our state of being is at
the mercy of God, complete breakdown of
law and order, lawlessness everywhere, the
state is under siege by terrorists.

”But the government said it was
unfortunate that “those condemning it
choose to take Panadol for our headache”.

“They should join us to celebrate the Lion
of Africa and stop politicizing an act of
patriotism on the part of the Governor.
“The Governor had a health and
celebratory walk today and visited the
Specialist Hospital where he declared free
medical care for all patients on admission.
To the beneficial families, it was a great

“God forbids, if Mr. President had died,
many states would have declared many
days of mourning. But Kogi only declared
one day to thank God for saving our
President’s life. Are some people angry that
Mr President is back, hale and hearty to
continue to fight corruption?”

Source: Naijal0aded

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Posted by on August 22, 2017.


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