“Forgive me and I would serve your God” — Man who defamed Nathaniel Bassey and Mercy Chinwo succumbs to pressure

A Nigerian guy who urged Blessed to do a DNA test reverses his decision, comes down in tears, and begs forgiveness from Nathaniel Bassey and Mercy Chinwo.

The young man who goes by Agozi Commedy on Facebook and claims to be Mercy Chinwo’s son with her husband, Blessed Uzochikwa, resembles Nathaniel Bassey

He also recommended Blessed to get a DNA test since he was almost convinced the child was Nathaniel Bassey’s rather than his own.

Despite widespread criticism, he refused to retract his claims, claiming that Mercy Chinwo committed paternity fraud.

Nathaniel Bassey decided to pursue legal action, filing a lawsuit with the police against him and several other social media users who made such

Broken by this decision, he cried out on his social media page begging the gospel singers to forgive him for his behavior.

He claimed he has been depressed since the petition was announced and requested for another chance as he was carried away by the hype surrounding social media.

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