I cried and blocked Davido after I got thrown out of his party with Chris Brown in US – Korra Obidi

Korra Obidi, the talented Nigerian singer and dancer currently based in the United States, stirred up a buzz on the internet as she shared a surprising and disheartening experience from Davido’s Afrobeats Superstar party

Despite Davido’s three Grammy nominations, where he unfortunately didn’t clinch any awards, he managed to make the most of the night by attending the after-party in the United States.

Korra Obidi was also present at the Grammys, and during a recent live chat with her fans, she opened up about her unpleasant encounter at Davido’s after-party, describing it as a chilly reception.

In the live video, the mother of two explained that she obtained a pass to Davido’s after-party through one of his aides. She briefly interacted with the Afrobeats sensation, exchanged pleasantries, and even had a close-up view of Chris Brown at the event.

However, she admitted to feeling uneasy during the party and clarified that she was not intoxicated. She took a moment in the restroom to compose herself.

To her astonishment, Korra shared the unsettling incident where a security guard, who had been giving her strange vibes at the party, intruded into the restroom and insisted she leave immediately.

Despite her protests, she found herself unceremoniously ejected into the freezing weather without her belongings or jacket.

In a tearful recount, Korra expressed how she felt humiliated as the security guards forcibly removed her, and she claimed that Davido and Chris Brown witnessed the entire dramatic scene.

Haunted by the incident for nights, Korra took drastic measures by blocking everyone associated with it, including Davido. It was only recently, when Davido reached out to her, that she decided to unblock him.

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