“I paid you N20K to write exam for me, you get E” – Lady rants [Video]

_ahbuzor, a disgruntled individual, took to TikTok to express her frustration after purportedly spending N20K on someone to assist her with an exam, only to receive an E grade in return

Her impassioned rant garnered attention as she shared her dismay over the disappointing outcome.

In her account, she disclosed that she entrusted someone with N20K to take an exam on her behalf due to personal reasons preventing her from doing so.

However, the results were disappointing, as the individual scored poorly, obtaining the second lowest grade, an E.

Expressing frustration, she questioned why the person she paid so generously couldn’t achieve a better result and whether they underestimated her own ability to attain such a grade independently.

Check out reactions that followed …

Ezeani Philip said: “E for excellent 😅”

Johnson Samuel commented: “una even get E 4 una school
for here after D na (F)reedom”

Big Sophy~^⛱️🖤 remarked: “as if I can’t get E by myself😂🤣🤣”

JAPHETH✨ stated: “the last thing I’ll ever do is to pay someone to write my exam”

Benny penned: “The money is to help you sit for the exam not to make u pass, So after the exam u do the needful”

Watch video below …

below …

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