I’m not searching, I have boys servicing me – Korra Obidi spills [Video]

Korra Obidi, a dancer and socialite, recently made headlines for her candid interview where she discussed her love life and financial goals

In the interview, she revealed that she has multiple men in her life who she refers to as “servicing” her, meaning they are her sex partners

She also emphasized her focus on achieving financial independence and joked that if she were to remarry, her husband would essentially become the “wife” as she values her independence and financial stability.

Korra also spoke about the advantages of being single in the entertainment industry, highlighting the success she has experienced since her divorce.

She explained that being married can limit opportunities in the industry, as people tend to lose interest over time.

However, when someone becomes single again, there is a renewed interest and support.

Korra concluded that being single is the best choice in the entertainment industry.

Her words:

“One thing about we humans is that when somebody’s married. I don’t know you people don’t like the person anymore. You kind of like go ‘ahh happy married life’, and then ‘she can’t be on my show,’ ‘she can’t be in my movie’. But now I’m single… I’m getting booked back to back, so it’s good for me. I think being single is good in the industry.”

Watch her speak in the video below:

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