Leaked bedroom video of Naira Marley and Mohbad’s wife Wunmi stir reactions

A recent video involving Mohbad’s wife, Wunmi, and singer Naira Marley has ignited a flurry of reactions on social media.

The footage, newly surfaced online, captures Wunmi and Naira Marley sharing the same bed, a sight that has raised eyebrows among many social media users.

This development follows the testimony of Mohbad’s father in the Lagos Coroner court, asserting that Wunmi was unfaithful to his late son, Mohbad, during his lifetime.

As reported by the Instagram blog, all_viral_blog, the video in question allegedly depicts Wunmi and Naira Marley after an intimate encounter. The blogger detailed the shocking twist, mentioning that Wunmi, initially comfortable in the footage, became uneasy when she realized Naira Marley was recording for an extended period. She subsequently attempted to cover her face and deter the camera from capturing her.

The people behind the leakage of these videos have also thr£@t£n€s to l£@k Wummi and Naira $€x T@p£ in time to come.

It’s unclear what Mohbad’s gf then turn wife was actually doing inside His boyfriend’s boss’s bedroom and even sleeping on his bed confidently.

Reports flying on different social media platforms suggest The video was actually made after Naira Marley and Wummi finished having C0llapsed D0gg¥ ($€x).

However, there’s an additional layer to the situation, as a third party, believed to be another male, was reportedly present in the room. The context and date of the video remain unclear, as Naira Marley was the one holding the camera while Wunmi was in close proximity.

The mysterious emergence of the video on the internet has left many questioning the circumstances surrounding its release. Suspicion is growing, especially directed towards Wunmi, who was seen on the bed of her husband’s boss, Naira Marley. Notably, Naira Marley himself was recording the video, initially showcasing Wunmi on his bed before she became aware of the camera and started avoiding being filmed. The incident has raised eyebrows and prompted speculation among online observers

Watch the video below:

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