“Pikin wey say mama no go sleep” – Funny mum uses wrapper to keep baby on pillow (Watch)

A funny video of a baby sleeping peacefully after getting tied to a pillow has left netizens in stitches.

The baby’s mother found the perfect way to make her barely one-month-old child stay still after disturbing for a long time.

The smart mum with the handle @rayoh36 on TikTok said the trick worked well as her baby slept off not so long after being strapped to the pillow.

In a clip which has been trending online, the baby stayed on the pillow as if he was being backed by his mother.

Pikin wey say him mama no go sleep him self no go sleep, he never reach a month he don dey show me sege ehn baby wetin I do you,” the mother captioned the video.

@FeyisayosCOW reacted: “This video reminds me of my aunties child that like us to pat his back anytime he’s asleep, once you stop baba go wake up asap we had to fill rice inside glove anytime he sleeps we put it on his back.”

@prettyange69 reacted: “I also try this method for my son but he nor gree for me.”

MOKIKIOLUWAI reacted: “Naso I Dey do for my sister pikin self.”

MercyN reacted: “The baby go think say na em mama back he dey.”

Watch the video below:

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