“Shame on you all that contributed money for this b!ngo to do yansh” — Nigerians react to new photos of Jay Boogie

Daniel Anthony Nsikan, also known as Jay Boogie, continues to astound fans with fresh photographs of himself.

The crossdresser was reportedly seeking alms from Nigerians after his BBL surgery went wrong.

He was apparently struggling for his life following the procedure and had to be transferred to several hospitals.

However, many Nigerians felt duped because it was said that his kidney was destroyed during the surgery.

Jay Boogie corrected the misperception, explaining that his kidney was wounded but he did not need a transplant.

He took to Instagram to reveal some fresh photographs, leaving many mouths o

Reacting to the post.

@jennifer_diares stated: “We are both in this ph and trust me part of this picture and videos are editing.. ps: I have seen jay boogie in person”

@stanleygodians wrote: “Omo this one fine I no go lie.. Make Person no go nack him fellow man one day, baba God I take God beg you”

@dr_panshaq added: “Shame on you all that contributed money for this bingo to do yansh few months ago . we have pple with kidney issue Una ignore am, na yansh money Una Dey contribute”

@blazeisfunny reacted: “E be like say na only me remain as a man oo”

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