“Why you no want make I dey move forward, you want make I die? – Destiny Etiko rants in viral [VIDEO]

The actress questioned their motives and why her success triggered envy instead of support.

She challenged their desire for her downfall and dismissed the idea that her absence would benefit them.

She said in parts;

“Why you no like me? Why my little progress they pepper you for body, Why you no want make I dey move forward, you want make I die?, you will carry the oil wey dey my head put for your own?, it can’t work?”

Destiny Etiko, in her passionate speech, raised thought-provoking inquiries to those who criticize her. She questioned whether they would be willing to take on the responsibility of caring for her beloved mother and fulfilling her duties once she is no longer present. Additionally, she asked if they would be capable of representing her name in her absence.

Destiny emphasized in a warm yet assertive manner that the world is expansive enough for individuals to pursue their aspirations and attain triumph without resorting to animosity and jealousy.

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